In the quaint town of Dorset you will find the Dorset Lookout Tower offering a breathtaking view of the Lake of Bays landscape.  When you see people’s pictures from this 360 degree view of Muskoka, they never do it justice.  All you have to do is get to the top.

At first the excitement of reaching the pinnacle of the 30 meter tower propels you up the first few flights of steps.  It doesn’t take long however for you to take one look down and suddenly your legs go weak and you start to question why you began this quest.

Small fearless children run past you as you “take a break” along the way.  The thought crosses your mind that you are safe and shouldn’t be such a coward. With a rush of new found adrenaline you begin your assent to the top.

At the top you find yourself 142 meters above Lake of Bays as you pull out your camera on the observation deck.  The view is stunning.



Plan a trip to the Dorset Lookout Tower during any season but especially Autumn when the leaves are at full peak.  Note that Autumn weekends are jammed with Tourists so try to pick a week day if possible.


After the climb stick around Dorset and check out other attractions like the SS Bigwin and the Robinson General Store for some sightseeing and local shopping.

Here is a YouTube video from Tom Samworth